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A Cowgirl´s Blues by Naked-Spirit - Deviant Art


A Cowgirl´s Blues by Naked-Spirit - Deviant Art



Well after 48 hours of being awake with only 2 hours rest it’s time to hibernate.
But before I go, I’ll grace you all with the beautiful imagery that is my princess hisprincessinconverse.
She is perfect in every way to me. Her flaws are what make her flawless. And her imperfections are what make her perfect. She’s everything I could ask for and more.
She’s loving, caring, hard headed as I am, gorgeous, sexy, fat, stunning, trusting, submissive, and willing, the most beautiful woman in the world, in my world. And I couldn’t love her any more than I do now. But I’m sure she’ll find a way to prove me wrong.
I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life because I have reason. I have somebody who truly loves me for who I am and accepts me.

I love you Princess. And I can’t wait to start our lives together and truly blossom into the Daddy and Little I know us to be.

This was the sweetest damn thing I could wake up to! I adore being your princess :D

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